Per week: $250 (includes all feed, horse is worked 7 days a week, minimum of once a day, maximum twice a day).

Per month: $1000 (same as above).

Specializing in:

Refinement: shows/competition/breed, pleasure, hunter/jumper

Foundation training

Breed and Discipline Specific training

Horses with people problems

Groundwork and obedience

Agility specific to discipline


All “horse starting/riding packages” come with min. weekly lessons included in price. I won’t train a horse unless the owner is willing to participate. Owners with horses in for groundwork are encouraged to participate.

To learn more about April Reeves go to:

Horseman's Park Alberta, April Reeves, Horse TrainingApril we are so happy with Essex’s progress. Thank to your consistent work with him, after only two and a half months he has an excellent foundation which will carry him onto the next level and the next level. We appreciate your patience in working through his issues and THANK YOU for all the hours in lessons with Danielle. She is delighted with her new horse.

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