Horse Boarding

Per Month:

$300 Includes: Free fed hay and grass fields (unless horse needs to be on a diet or tight schedule), use of stall (sick horse or show days), fresh water, salt. Tack room.

$350 Includes: Above plus supplemental feed (oats, Step Right Products, fresh ground flax, beet pulp, other main bulk feeds. Excludes hoof supplements, vitamins (such as Hoffman’s or Farrier’s Formula). Twice a day.

$400 Includes: Above plus blanket removal and exclusive paddock. Field turnout rotational unless you have more than one horse.


We are dedicated to providing a multiple discipline facility. Consider Horseman’s Park an exceptional place to pleasure ride, condition for competitive trail, train for dressage and jumping (stadium, cross country), start a young horse (round pen, sand starting arena), and teach agility. Know your horse is being cared for at the highest level.

70 foot heavy steel round pen

140 ft. x 130 ft. training ring, sand and grass mix.

3 acre training and conditioning field with agility course, cross-country jumps, stadium jumps.

Large outdoor 200ft by 300ft grass ring with stadium jumps, ground poles and other equipment and exercise areas.

Stadium size dressage ring.

80 acres of galloping trails, bush trails, fields, hills and views. Cross country jumps and agility obstacles throughout.

Picnic and camp sites.


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